Ernest Sergy
Building Services LTD 

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Work History 

Working together since 2001, we are experienced in building small projects, refurbishments of private properties in Kensington and Chelsea and even larger, point of sale and commercial premises in the Greater London area.  Our team is scalable to bring the right expertise on site, to meet your build requirements and most importantly ensure the work is on time and on budget.   

Our comercial works include the shop fitting of Paul Edmonds Hair Dressing in Brompton Road, Source Food shop in Richmond and The Raddisson Hotel in Canada Water. 

We specialise in Victorian and Modern style, hand made painted wardrobes, cabinets, drawers, traditional radiator covers, shutters, wooden wall panels and much more...  General refurbishment, repairs, leak fixing, floor sanding, sash window repairs, wallpaper, tilling and small brick works are no problem for us! 

We can advise you on the conceptual design and the feasibility of your proposed project, even helping you choose the right materials and colours.  Your property is quite simply the most important aspect, we provide protection of your original features and respect the non build areas as we refurbish.  At the end of each day, we ensure the site is clean, tidy and organised for the next days build. 

We pride ourselves on delivering a high quality finish and attention to detail.      


Qualifications & Accreditations

We met each other back in Lithuania in 1994 at the Construction Skills College.  After four years of study we learnt our vocation, working construction sites in Lithuania, Russia and Poland. We gained our experience in high-end demanding markets. In 2001 we moved to London after working a stint as skilled labor erecting mobile masts in the South East. 

We have UK qualifications and accreditation in the necessary health and safety, first aid, and courses working with power tools, required to trade professionally.